Spider-Man: Far from Home


Peter Parker and his friends go on a summer trip to Europe. However, they will hardly be able to rest - Peter will have to agree to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of creatures that cause natural disasters and destruction throughout the continent.

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  • Tom Holland

    Peter Parker / Spider-Man

  • Samuel L. Jackson

    Nick Fury

  • Jake Gyllenhaal

    Quentin Beck / Mysterio

  • Marisa Tomei

    May Parker

  • Jon Favreau

    Harold "Happy" Hogan

  • Zendaya

    Michelle "MJ" Jones

  • Jacob Batalon

    Ned Leeds

  • Tony Revolori

    Eugene "Flash" Thompson

  • Angourie Rice

    Betty Brant

  • Remy Hii

    Brad Davis

  • Martin Starr

    Mr. Harrington

  • J.B. Smoove

    Mr. Dell

  • Jorge Lendeborg Jr.

    Jason Ionello

  • Cobie Smulders

    Maria Hill

  • Numan Acar


  • Zach Barack


  • Zoha Rahman


  • Yasmin Mwanza


  • Joshua Sinclair-Evans

    Josh Spinelli

  • Tyler Luke Cunningham


  • Sebastian Viveros


  • Toni Garrn

    The Seamstress

  • Peter Billingsley

    William Ginter Riva

  • Clare Dunne


  • Nicholas Gleaves


  • Claire Rushbrook


  • J.K. Simmons

    J. Jonah Jameson

  • Dawn Michelle King

    E.D.I.T.H. (voice)

  • Jeroen van Koningsbrugge

    Dutch Soccer Hooligan 1

  • Michael de Roos

    Dutch Soccer Hooligan 2

  • Jan-Paul Buijs

    Dutch Soccer Hooligan 3

  • Sergio Pierattini

    Venetian Glassblower

  • Anjana Vasan

    Queens Reporter

  • Brian Law

    Queens Reporter

  • Evelyn Mok

    Queens Reporter

  • Tatiana Lunardon

    Italian TV Newsreader

  • Giada Benedetti

    Italian Customs Office

  • Lukáš Bech

    Helpful Dutch Man

  • Alessandro Giuggioli

    Italian Street Vendor

  • Petr Opava

    Opera Singer

  • Giuseppe Andriolo


  • Pat Kiernan


  • Shari Abdul

    High School Reporter (uncredited)

  • Maria Alexandrova

    Tourist in Venice (uncredited)

  • Kristen Alminta

    Police Officer (uncredited)

  • Vincent Angel

    Midtown High Student (uncredited)

  • Peter Arpesella

    Airplane Pilot (uncredited)

  • Lasco Atkins

    Salvation Army guest (uncredited)

  • Sitara Attaie

    Dutch Lady (uncredited)

  • Peter Bankolé

    Mob Boss (uncredited)

  • Blair Barnette

    Queens Reporter (uncredited)

  • Tuwaine Barrett

    Officer Bristow (extended cut)

  • Anna Benamati

    Shop Owner in Venice (uncredited)

  • Pierre Bergman

    Venice Fish Seller (uncredited)

  • Avondre E.D. Beverley

    High School Student (uncredited)

  • Bruno Bilotta

    Mob Boss (uncredited)

  • Sharon Blynn

    Soren (uncredited)

  • Luigi Boccanfuso

    Italian Builder in Venice (uncredited)

  • Paolo Braghetto

    Poliziotto (uncredited)

  • Dante Brattelli

    High School Student (uncredited)

  • Jeff Bridges

    Obadiah Stane (archive footage) (uncredited)

  • Graham Burton

    London Passerby (uncredited)

  • Ken Byrd

    Post Office Customer (uncredited)

  • Sokol Cahani

    Mob Boss (uncredited)

  • Gianni Calchetti

    Venetian Fish Stall Owner (uncredited)

  • Darren Lee Campbell

    Victoria's Crew (uncredited)

  • Hélène Cardona

    Austrian Backpacker (uncredited)

  • Dian Cathal

    American Reporter (uncredited)

  • Jake Cerny

    Airport Traveler (uncredited)

  • Komal Charania

    High School Student Boom Operator (uncredited)

  • Daphne Cheung

    Passport Clerk (uncredited)

  • Sam Chuck

    High School Student (uncredited)

  • Al Clark

    Cowboy Plane Passenger (uncredited)

  • Victoria Coburn

    Passerby (uncredited)

  • Sean Coleman

    Yearbook Student (uncredited)

  • Kimberly Collison

    Charity Event Mom (uncredited)

  • Tiziana Coste

    Local Venetian (uncredited)

  • Kevin Daigneault

    Police Officer (uncredited)

  • Jaylen Davis

    Tourist (uncredited)

  • Peter Dawson

    Tourist in Venice (uncredited)

  • Leonys Delossantos

    Guy Staring at Spider-Man (uncredited)

  • Kristianne-Kaith Domingo

    Passerby (uncredited)

  • Andrew Dunkelberger

    Courier (uncredited)

  • Charlie Rhea Esquér

    Mexican Survivor (uncredited)

  • Ria Fend

    Tourist in Venice (uncredited)

  • Ferroz Fernandez

    Tourist in Venice (uncredited)

  • Vincent Frattini

    Venice Local (uncredited)

  • Massi Furlan

    Flight Attendant (uncredited)

  • Cynthia Garbutt

    Charity Dinner Guest (uncredited)

  • Thomas Goodridge

    Tourist in Venice (uncredited)

  • Sonia Goswami

    Tourist (uncredited)

  • Nicholle Hembra

    Saved Londoner (uncredited)

  • Lindy Hennessy

    Prague Hotel Guest (uncredited)

  • Michael Hennessy

    Hotel Guest (uncredited)

  • Meagan Holder

    Pretty Tourist (uncredited)

  • Patrick Holly

    Partygoer (uncredited)

  • Ruth Horrocks

    Tourist (uncredited)

  • Chris Hyacinthe

    Sneezy Tour Guide (uncredited)

  • Michael Iacono

    Airport Kid Traveler (uncredited)

  • Roman Ibragimov

    Bar Customer (uncredited)

  • Theo Ip

    Tourist (uncredited)

  • Timothy Christian Jansen

    High School Student (uncredited)

  • Daham Kandanarrachchi

    London Passerby (uncredited)

  • Keon Kendrick

    Flight Attendant (uncredited)

  • Camille Kinloch

    Midtown High School Student (uncredited)

  • Michal Kubal

    Czech TV News Anchor (uncredited)

  • Hannah Kurczeski

    Student (uncredited)

  • Géraldine Lamarre

    Traffic Warden (uncredited)

  • Jimena Larraguivel

    Mexican Villager (uncredited)

  • Rich Lawton

    Journalist (uncredited)

  • Kath Leroy

    Czech Traditional Dancer (uncredited)

  • Gavin Lee Lewis

    Londoner (uncredited)

  • Faith Logan

    High School Student (uncredited)

  • Patrick Loh

    Airport Passenger (uncredited)

  • Joseph Long

    Mob Boss (uncredited)

  • Marian Lorencik

    New Czech Reveler (uncredited)

  • Ketan Majmudar

    Berlin Commuter (uncredited)

  • Tony Mardon

    Londoner (uncredited)

  • Antonín Mašek

    Bellboy (uncredited)

  • Eustace Meade

    Charity Attendant (uncredited)

  • Ben Mendelsohn

    Talos (uncredited)

  • Bradley Wj Miller

    Passerby (uncredited)

  • Melissa Beth Miller

    Tourist (uncredited)

  • Anthony Molinari

    Mob Guy (uncredited)

  • Julia Mollin

    Flute Player (uncredited)

  • Adrian Mozzi

    Venice Local (uncredited)

  • Brendan Murphy

    Police Officer (uncredited)

  • Amanda Musso

    Carnival Hot Girl (uncredited)

  • Emily Ng

    Italian Tourist (uncredited)

  • Daniel Olson

    Czech Guy (uncredited)

  • Vincent Paolicelli

    Basketball Player (uncredited)

  • Karen Parks

    Charity Event Attendee (uncredited)

  • Hiten Patel

    British Station Staff (uncredited)

  • Clay Pel-is

    London Tourist (uncredited)

  • Luigi Petrazzuolo

    Gondolier (uncredited)

  • Aleksandrs Petukhovs

    London Passerby (uncredited)

  • Annie Pisapia

    Traveler (uncredited)

  • Martin Polak

    Czech Reveler (uncredited)

  • Jivan Xander Ramesh

    Pedestrian (uncredited)

  • Mike Ray

    Passerby (uncredited)

  • Sofia Renee

    High School Student (uncredited)

  • Daniel Rennis

    Cab Driver (uncredited)

  • Sawyer Reo

    Young Brad Davis (uncredited)

  • Cailan Robinson

    Victoria's Crew (uncredited)

  • Emmanuel Rodriguez

    Airport Traveler (uncredited)

  • Ray Rosario

    TSA Agent (uncredited)

  • Daniel Ryves

    Dad Collecting Kids (uncredited)

  • Monae Samone

    Midtown High Student (uncredited)

  • Maurice Sardison

    Party Goer (uncredited)

  • Susanne Schraps

    Berlinerin (uncredited)

  • Karen-J Sear

    American Tourist (uncredited)

  • Ilya Tank Shilov

    Venice Tourist (uncredited)

  • Davina Sitaram

    London Tourist (uncredited)

  • Joakim Skarli

    London Tourist (uncredited)

  • Paul Slim

    Tourist (uncredited)

  • Richard Stanley

    Charity Dinner Attendee (uncredited)

  • Lucas Antoine Starrets

    Tourist (uncredited)

  • Faith Tarby

    Perfumed Lady (uncredited)

  • Emily Tebbutt

    Venice Tourist (uncredited)

  • Oskar Ulvestad

    Street Pedestrian (uncredited)

  • Lesdy Vanessa

    Tourist (uncredited)

  • Jessica VanOss

    Student (uncredited)

  • Joe David Walters

    Pawn Shop Owner (uncredited)

  • Jo Wheatley

    Armed Security Officer (uncredited)

  • Dale Wilder

    German Office Worker (uncredited)

  • Rocco Wu

    Peter's Art Classmate (uncredited)

  • Jan Zalabak

    Tourist in Town (uncredited)

  • Samantha Mishinski

    Student (uncredited)

  • Alessandro Sciarra

    Screaming Kid (uncredited)

  • Aristou Meehan

    Italian Boy (uncredited)