Ad Astra


The near future, a time when both hope and hardships drive humanity to look to the stars and beyond. While a mysterious phenomenon menaces to destroy life on planet Earth, astronaut Roy McBride undertakes a mission across the immensity of space and its many perils to uncover the truth about a lost expedition that decades before boldly faced emptiness and silence in search of the unknown.

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  • Brad Pitt

    Roy McBride

  • Tommy Lee Jones

    H. Clifford McBride

  • Ruth Negga

    Hellen Lantos

  • John Ortiz

    Lieutenant General Rivas

  • Liv Tyler


  • Donald Sutherland

    Thomas Pruitt

  • Greg Bryk

    Chip Garnes

  • Loren Dean

    Donald Stanford

  • Kimberly Elise

    Lorraine Deavers

  • John Finn

    Brigadier General Stroud

  • LisaGay Hamilton

    Adjutant General Vogel

  • Donnie Keshawarz

    Captain Lawrence Tanner

  • Bobby Nish

    Franklin Yoshida

  • Sean Blakemore

    Willie Levant

  • Freda Foh Shen

    Captain Lu

  • Kayla Adams

    Female Flight Attendant

  • Ravi Kapoor

    Arjun Dhariwal

  • Elisa Perry

    Woman in White Pants-Shirt

  • Daniel Sauli


  • Kimmy Shields

    Sergeant Romano

  • Kunal Dudheker

    Technician One

  • Alyson Reed

    Janice Collins

  • Sasha Compère

    Female Team Member

  • Justin Dray

    Male Team Member

  • Alexandria Rousset

    Woman on Screen

  • Natasha Lyonne

    Tanya Pincus

  • Zoro Saro Manuel Daghlian

    Spacecom Employee

  • Jacob Sandler

    Young Roy

  • Elizabeth Willaman

    Voice of 'Cepheus' (voice)